Dedicated to research, development, and production of various types
High voltage testing instruments

The company's products are widely used in power systems, cable production enterprises, and various types of power equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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Shanghai Dielec Electrotechnics Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of various high-voltage test instruments and high-voltage test equipment. The company's products are widely used in power systems, cable manufacturers and various power equipment manufacturers.

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Product Development and Application At the front end of the world

With thousands of customers in domestic and foreign markets, in recent years, many types of equipment have been exported to Europe

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Electricity stocks are rising one after another! Revision of the electricity demand side management measures to assist in improving power balance

According to Tonghuashun News, power stocks continued to rise in the market today, attracting widespread attention from investors. The reason is the revision of two management measures in the field of electricity, among which the draft of the Demand Side Management Measures (for soliciting opinions) clearly proposes the establishment and improvement of a linkage mechanism between demand side resources and power operation regulation, gradually incorporating demand side resources into power balance through virtual power plants and other means, and improving the flexibility of the power system.

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The world's first million kilowatt level "water solar complementary" power plant was put into operation today

On June 25th, Red Star News learned from Yalong River Basin Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. that the Kela Phase I photovoltaic power station located in Garze Prefecture, Sichuan Province was connected to the grid for power generation today, marking the world's first million kilowatt level "water solar complementary" power station officially put into operation.

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Unicom Digital Technology injects new digital transformation momentum into the field of power construction

On May 10th, the new construction project of Guoneng Dachaidan 330kV Peirong Substation, located in Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, put the 3rd and 4th main transformers into operation with electricity.

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