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Company vision
• In the field of electricity and cable testing, we are to build a class one R&D team, produce test

 equipment with independent intellectual property rights and the world's advanced technology;
• Fully meet the needs of customers and provide high-quality products and services;
• Become a first-class enterprise with international competitiveness and China's leader testing and

detection industry.

Company mission
• Maximize the social value, lead a new era of electricity and cable testing.

Company strategy
• Continuously innovate, introduce and absorb international advanced technology, and become a leader in test equipment technology;
• Optimize management and improve efficiency, provide customers with high quality and most

 cost-effective products and services;
• Adhere to the international strategy to become the most trusted supplier of test equipment for customes around the world.

Company's core values
• People-oriented, customer foremost, quality first, and continuous innovation.
• "People-oriented" means that we take people the foundation for us to survive and develop, and we

have to focus on "talents". We adhere to the people-reliant strategy, always try to understand, respect,

care, culture, and unite people, try to build a harmonious enterprise where individuals and the company

grow together.
• "Customer foremost" means that we always put meeting the customer's needs in the first place, always keep in mind who my customer is, what he needs me to do, what I have done for him, and what other things I can do for him.
• "Quality first" means that we are to establish the concept the quality is our life, clarify that quality is the determinant for us to survive and develop. As such, we have to take the path of high technology

and performance price ratio. Adhere to the quality and brand strategy, and make efforts to improve the competitiveness.
• "Continuous innovation" means that we have to advance with the times, change every traditional

concept, system and method that fails to suit the market economy and international competition; we have to improve the organization's learning ability and constantly improve ourselves. We adhere to the Scientific Outlook on Development and constantly innovate in concept, management, technology, system, environment and product.

Corporate spirit
• Integrity, harmony, passion, surpass

Corporate style
• As an individual: we are honest, trustworthy and optimistic. We have to overcome our own shortcomings and constantly conduct self-criticism and correction.
• In doing things: we are innovative and put quality in the first place We do not miss any details, and strive to make everything to the extreme.
• To other people: we show respect and  fraternity and are lenient towards others. I must do it before I ask anyone else to do it.
• To ourselves: we are self-disciplined and as good as our word. Think about the responsibility I should take and give as much as convenience as possible to other people.
• To things: clear as crystal, and show perseverance. Manage to be concerned with the matter and not the individual, and adhere to a principle.

Our quality policy
Customer-centric, we continuously improve customer satisfaction and the quality management system.

Quality objectives
• External customer satisfaction ≥ 95%
• Internal customer satisfaction ≥ 85%
• Material first time pass rate ≥ 95%
• First inspection pass rate after process ≥ 95%
• Final inspection pass rate after process ≥ 95%
• Customer pass rate ≥ 96%
• Customer complaints ≤ 3 times/year

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