Unicom Digital Technology injects new digital transformation momentum into the field of power construction


【Summary Description】On May 10th, the new construction project of Guoneng Dachaidan 330kV Peirong Substation, located in Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, put the 3rd and 4th main transformers into operation with electricity.

On the morning of June 20th, the "China Electric Power Construction Development Conference" organized by the China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The purpose of this conference is to gather industry consensus, form a development synergy, lead the industry in green and low-carbon development, technological innovation and digital transformation, improve quality and safety levels, and help build a new energy system. Dantai Xinpu, Senior Vice President of China Unicom Digital Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the "Digital Development Forum on Electric Power Construction" and gave a speech on the theme of "Jointly Promoting Digital Transformation in the Electric Power Construction Field - China Unicom Helps the Digital Transformation of the Electric Power Industry".


Continuously strengthening technological breakthroughs and empowering the intelligent development of the power industry

Dantai Xinpu pointed out in his speech that the intelligent development of the power industry has become a trend. On the one hand, it is driven by national policies, and on the other hand, the power industry itself is facing increasingly severe market competition and internal pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the future, digital technology will penetrate various sectors and links of the power industry, achieving business restructuring, integrated innovation, and cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

China Unicom Digital Technology actively fulfills its social responsibility and fulfills the responsibilities of central enterprises. As an important carrier of China Unicom's five main responsibilities and capacity system construction, based on a full understanding of the digital transformation needs of the power industry, combined with its own digital transformation and practical experience in serving the digitalization of the power industry, it provides digital transformation "personal companion" services for enterprises of different development stages and scales. At the same time, efforts will be made from various aspects such as computing power, network, platform, and security to comprehensively promote the construction of a new energy system that is "widely connected, intelligent and efficient, safe and reliable, and green and low-carbon."


In terms of computing power, in order to better meet the diversified needs of industry customers for building and using clouds, China Unicom Cloud has upgraded and created a new version 7.0 based on the leading cloud native capabilities of dual engine bases, which is secure and reliable, integrated with cloud and network, digital and intelligent integration, exclusive customization, and multi cloud collaboration. It provides enterprise customers with "connection+perception+computing+intelligence+security" integrated computing and network services. In terms of network, based on China Unicom's cloud networking, a network of infrastructure is built for enterprises to achieve various business needs such as point-to-point cloud access, inter cloud connectivity, national networking, and cross-border connectivity. In terms of platform, combined with China Unicom's IT, CT, and OT integration capabilities and experience, we have created an enterprise digital empowerment platform, providing four modules of services: research and development platform, application unified workbench, data exchange, and intelligent operation and maintenance, helping to unleash the value of digital elements. In terms of security, China Unicom has taken on the heavy responsibility of building a modern industrial chain for cybersecurity, building an integrated network security defense system of "cloud network, data service", innovating the "security as a service" model, and creating a "ink attack" security operation service platform, providing reliable foundation support for the infrastructure of the power industry.

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